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fredrik1Fredrik Sundberg
Sound Design

Fredrik is head of sound production at PLOP. He began his sound design career in 2000 and since then he has worked with numerous director collectives and advertising agencies world wide. Extensive campaigns for multinational brands as well as documentaries, short films and smaller art projects. Fredrik has a background as a musician and has composed music for TV series and performing artists. He is also the lead singer in a band since 2006 with their third album just finished and soon to be released.  Musicality is, in his opinion, an important trait to possess when working with Sound Design. Timing is of great importance, if not necessary.

Lasse Sander
Music Production

Lasse is in charge of music production. A multi instrumentalist that has composed a widely spread range of music for major brands world wide. He attended PLOP in 2003 and one of his music specialities is scoring to picture.  Every genre and era has its charm and Lasse’s life mission is to catch the essence in all of them. Lasse performed his first concert abroad at the age of 14 back in 1991 with a New Orleans Band on the Breda Jazz Festival in Holland. In the mid 90s he was involved in numerous band constellations playing a wide range of music from Soul, Funk, Folk, Pop, Jazz, Rock to Heavy Metal. Attended the Afro American Musician program at Stockholm Music Conservatory in 1997.  Between 1998 and 2003 Lasse worked with the legendary DJ duo “Rob’n’Raz” at Golden Silver Fish Records and composed/produced music for Hip Hop, Pop, Latin, Soul and Dance artists for major record labels.